Recipe websites kind of suck.

For huge amounts of content, the internet has transformed the way we read for the better. Blogs, Twitter, RSS feeds, you name it. I'm a fan. But somehow, the internet incentivises particularly low quality recipe websites.

A recipe website showing a lot of adverts.

  • Recipe pages take 5 years to load

  • When they do load, you can't see anything but ads.

  • They track you like you're on the CIA most wanted list.

  • When you close your phone, it reloads the page.

A recipe website showing a lot of adverts.

In summary:

Sally's baking the wrong kind of cookies.

A cookie banner showing 286 cookies used on a recipe website

Readable Recipes is doing it different:

  • Literally just recipes. Not even pictures.

  • No website ads.

  • Blazing fast, accessible recipe pages.

  • No tracking (only the good kind of cookies. 🍪)

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