Mashed parsnip & sprout colcannon

200 kcal or less30-60 minutesbrussels sproutbrussels sproutschristmas leftoverschristmas trimmingscolcannonfive a dayhigh fibrelow fatparsnipparsnipsspring onionspring onionssproutssuper healthy




Chop the parsnips into large chunks. Boil for 15 mins or until really soft, then use a slotted spoon to drain into a colander. Blanch the sprouts in the same pan.

In a bowl, mash the parsnips with the butter and milk, then stir through the sprouts and spring onions. Serve with a knob more butter. Can be chilled for up to a day, or frozen. Simply defrost, then cover and reheat in a microwave, stirring often, until piping hot.