Tex-Mex burrito

10-30 minutes2 servings800 kcal or lessburritoburritoscheddareasyeggeggsfajitasmainsquickquick recipesred chillired chilliesscrambled eggssnackssoured creamtomatotomatoestortilla wrapsvegetarianveggie wrapswrapwraps




In a small bowl, mix the tomatoes, half the spring onions and half the red chilli with some seasoning and set aside. Beat the eggs and milk with a fork with some seasoning.

Heat the oil in a large non-stick pan and fry the remaining spring onion and chilli for 1 min, then pour in the egg mix. Gently scramble the eggs by dragging the egg mixture as it sets into the middle of the pan. Cook to your liking, then take off the heat and throw on the cheese. Stir through, then divide between the wraps. Tuck up the top and bottom of each wrap and roll up, then slice in half and serve with the homemade tomato salsa, soured cream and guacamole, if you like.